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Body Moisturizing Candle with Bamboo Box 11oz

Image of Body Moisturizing Candle with Bamboo Box  11oz


About this product:

Made with moisturizing, all-natural cosmetic-grade soy, this candle burns only 3 degrees above your normal body temperature—it's warm, never hot. It's the ideal way to moisturize, relax, and unwind. Smooth the candle into your own skin, or enjoy with that special someone.

Every candle is hand-poured and made with natural ingredients. All products are made with skin-safe fragrance oils, in skin-safe amounts, so you don't have to worry about harsh fragrances or irritants. Ingredients are all natural and skin-pampering, including cosmetic-grade soy, cocoa butter, coconut oil, almond oil, vitamin E, and more.

Every candle is hand-poured and packaged in the USA.

11 ounce, burns 48-50 hours

How to Use:

To use as candle:

Trim candle wick to approximately ¼ Inch. Using a low lighter flame or matchstick, slightly tilt Candle at an angle to light wick. Be careful, large flames can cause wax to burn and turn black, ruining the experience.

To use as lotion:

If candle wax is in solid form use fingers or spoon (included in kit) to scoop out small amounts of wax. You don't have to light the candle to enjoy its moisturizing benefits. It's the ideal body moisturizer. Smooth lotion onto elbows, ankles, cuticles, hands, or anywhere that needs a little extra TLC.

Want to spice things up?

Let candle burn for approximately 15 minutes. Wait for a sizeable amount of wax to turn into liquid (approx. 3-4 ounces.) the melted substance will have become warm moisturizing massage oil. Blow out candle wick, make sure flame is out. Gently pour oil in hands or directly to desire body part. You may also use spoon (included in kit) to drizzle onto skin. Don’t worry, oil will be cool to the touch and will not burn the skin. ENJOY!