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Our Story

Diana, a hard working mother and entrepreneur, the founder of Bit of Heaven knows that women need and deserve to be pampered! She is dedicated to creating products that make women feel beautiful, inside and out. Made from moisturizing, skin-soothing ingredients, Bit of Heaven’s products are the ideal at-home spa retreat.

Each formula is tested and perfected to ensure the perfect product-a product that will pamper your skin. All ingredients are natural, and fragrances are skin-safe, never harsh. All of these products are designed to soothe, not irritate, you’re thirsty skin! Products are all cruelty-free, and never tested on animals.

Bit of Heaven’s Hot Lotion Massage Candle and other products were originally sold at the local farmer’s market; their popularity eventually led to the demand for this online shop. Now, we are proud to announce that these wonderful products are available to anyone across the United States with the click of a button, here at!

Browse our products today, and experience a Bit of Heaven at home!